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Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Broccoli Rabe and Fontina

Somehow this post got lost- but better late than never… this was the amazing sandwich that we made to go with the Tomato Soup– If we have met before, you know I have an affinity for cheese- and particularly grilled … Continue reading

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Piedmontese Hazelnut Cake

    I love hazelnuts, so clearly, we needed to make this hazelnut cake. Last time I toasted hazelnuts, the papery shell didn’t come off- apparently I didn’t do it long enough, because this time, it was no problem rolling … Continue reading

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Russian Tea Cakes

From KT- This was an easy recipe and so good. I would definitely make these again. What I learned was the technique to make the powdered sugar stick. Let them cool for just a few minutes then put them in … Continue reading

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Green Eggs and Ham Bennedict

Now that I have english muffins- what to do with them?  They taste delicious with a little butter and jam- but we might as well go the whole nine yards and make eggs benedict- right?  I feel like I really … Continue reading

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English Muffins

Now, I recognize that it is very easy to go to the store to buy English Muffins- but as home baked bread tastes like a completely different product than what you buy at the grocery store- I thought I would … Continue reading

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Cookies for Santa

Dahlia Sugar Cookies- Mason and I worked on baking some sugar cookies for Santa.  This dough comes together really quickly and then just needs to be refrigerated for a couple of hours before rolling.   After they are refrigerated and … Continue reading

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Tom’s Tasty Tomato Soup

Had my Mom and Cousin Geri over to cook the other day.  Since the holidays are so gluttonous, I thought it would be appropriate to do a simple soup and sandwich-  YUM. Lets start with the soup- Now, technically, I … Continue reading

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