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Chickpea, Watercress and Mango Salad with Lime-Curry Vinaigrette

The other night we were feeling the curry vibe and paired this salad with a Curried Wheat Berry Salad. This salad has some of my favorite salad ingredients- roasted red peppers, mango, chickpeas, cucumber…. and a delicious vinaigrette that was … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Upside Down Cake

Easily one of the most talked about dishes of the Grandma’s Kitchen afternoon was Meredith’s Grandmother’s Rhubarb Upside Down Cake. No one could believe this recipe, and the flavor was amazing.  May be it was the Rhubarb straight out of … Continue reading

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More from Grandma’s Kitchen

These are just some other pictures of dishes that were brought to the Grandma’s Kitchen event.  All that we have so far are posted in the Event Recipe tab. This is Bev’s Potato Salad that was featured in the “Grandma’s … Continue reading

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Mom’s Spareribs

From Kathy: I’m a new member to the Seattle Cookbook Club, and this was my first time in the company of some amazing chefs! My first cookbook club was Grandma’s cooking. My choice of recipe was one of my favorites … Continue reading

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Bonnie’s Mother’s Meatballs and Sauce

First, a big welcome to Bonnie who was able to join us for the first time.  She was kind enough to share with us her Mother’s meatball and sauce recipe, which she paired with a three cheese ravioli. Since our … Continue reading

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Nan-Tastic Sandwiches

So you may remember a little sandwich that looks like this: Heidi brought them to the first meeting of our club.  Their actual name is Chicken and Brie Croque, but she calls them Nan-tastic sandwiches because her friend, Nancy, uses … Continue reading

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Dishes from the First Meeting

First, let me give a disclaimer and state the obvious.  I am not a food stylist.  Nor am I a food photographer.  If you feel your dish is poorly represented, my most sincere apologies.  I’m learning.  Hopefully years from now … Continue reading

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Assignment #1

Our first assignment to was to bring an appetizer.  Something easy to get us started.  Who doesn’t love a good appetizer?  It’s bite sized.  It helps you know what to expect from the rest of the meal. It’s fabulous! I … Continue reading

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