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Pancetta, white bean, and swiss chard pot pies

(posted by Ashley H.) I have a funny story about this recipe. A really funny story. I’m not sure if I will be able to make it to our next cookbook meeting, but I sure hope to. Trust me. . … Continue reading

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Apricot Breakfast Crisp

Or should I say Apple/Pear Breakfast Crisp. It is fall, and she says you can replace the apricots with apples and pears if you want…so I did. I have to say I have tried other “crisp” recipes that were better. … Continue reading

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Sweet Peas and Shells Alfredo

No photos this time…I was so hungry I forgot. By the time we were done it was all gone. So obviously this one was tasty. ūüôā First off, shelling peas. No wonder why you see old ladies sitting on their … Continue reading

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Kale Salad with Cherries and Pecans

Usually I’m not one for kale, but lately I’ve had a few kale salads that I’ve enjoyed. So I decided this one sounded good…and it was. Apologies for the lack of photos. It was one of those weeks where I … Continue reading

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Spaghetti squash and black bean tacos with queso fresco

(posted by Ashley H.) This recipe is on page 143. I was a little hesitant to try this at first but was intrigued after reading Deb’s notes/thoughts on it. She agreed that the thought of spaghetti squash and tacos was … Continue reading

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Broccoli Rabe Panini with Mozzarella

I happen to like broccoli rabe. ¬†I know it is a pallet controversial vegetable. ¬†A previous grilled cheese sandwich turned me on to it in the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook. ¬†Until then, I’m not sure I had ever had it. ¬†October … Continue reading

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Carrot Soup with Tahini and Crisped Chickpeas

(posted by Ashley H.) I have never made a carrot soup before. Admittedly, I have never even tried a carrot soup before. This one is worthy of keeping in your fall/winter soup rotation. Carrot soup by itself? Not awesome. Carrot … Continue reading

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Balsamic and Beer Braised Short Ribs

With Parsnip Puree I am a total sucker for short ribs. ¬†Really. ¬†The smell fills the house with mouth watering goodness. ¬†They are hard to mess up. ¬†They make fantastic leftovers. ¬†What is there not to love? ¬†Had to try. … Continue reading

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Everyday Margarita Pizza

I can’t turn down Pizza. ¬† I would love to be that person who makes pizza at home that is honestly better than anything I can get elsewhere. ¬†(including Serious Pie) Seriously. Actually, Pizza is the first thing that Devon … Continue reading

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Salted Browned Butter Crispy Treats

Are you looking for the best rice crispy treat you will ever make (without cheating by adding chocolate on top or butterscotch chips) ¬†Look no further! I’m not sure why I don’t use browned butter for every recipe. ¬†Genius. ¬† … Continue reading

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