Apricot Breakfast Crisp


Or should I say Apple/Pear Breakfast Crisp.

It is fall, and she says you can replace the apricots with apples and pears if you want…so I did. I have to say I have tried other “crisp” recipes that were better. I wasn’t sold on the fact that you melt the butter, add flour, and oatmeal to hot butter. I think I like it when you mix the topping cold and then crumble on top.  I did however like the addition of almonds to the topping.

I added some cinnamon, sugar and nutmeg to the apple/pear mixture and I’m glad I did or it would have been blah.

The one thing I would do again would be eat crisp with vanilla greek yogurt. That was fantastic. But next time I would make it with my Mom’s crisp recipe.

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