Lemon Bucatini with Roasted Kale

It has been a long time since I’ve done a post.  The cooking and photos haven’t slowed down.

We have a new book our club is doing- Seven Spoons by Tara O’Brady.  I can’t wait to try so many recipes in this gem- so I think we should get started.

I picked the Lemon Bucatini because I had everything on hand- so it came together very quickly.

I will say, I never grow tired of roasted kale- and this was no different.


I did not read the notes section of the recipe first (mistake)- it says to use a thin peeled lemon- which as it turned out I didn’t have.  So, I attempted to take the pith off with a knife- which I was both unsuccessful at, and slow.  My quick dinner turned a little more labor intensive.  IMG_7732

At any rate- the lemon and some cream, and egg gets whirled in the blender and combined with the cooked bucatini.  IMG_7735

Roasted kale on top and BAM- dinner!


This dish was met with mixed results.

Mason- didn’t like it.  (not surprising)

Mark liked it- but didn’t rave.

I thought I didn’t get enough of the pith off.  Next time I would take the zest of the lemon- then toss that in the blender with just the flesh.  I think it would have been more successful and heavens knows a lot easier.

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1 Response to Lemon Bucatini with Roasted Kale

  1. Ann says:

    Thank you so much for this post! I was pondering whether to making this for a large dinner party from the seven spoons book. I thought it was strange when the recipe asked to toss the whole lemon in. I will make adjustments accordingly. Thank you again!

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