Raspberry Ricotta Pancakes

I almost didn’t include these because I lost focus during the cooking process of these little guys and never got photos of the end result… but they were good enough to get an honorable mention even though my photos are incomplete.

I feel like there is something special about a new breakfast recipe.


I have breakfast standbys usually- something that I know everyone will like- so I rarely try things that are new.


It should be noted.  These are called, “pancakes” but I don’t think they are much like a pancake other than the shape and look. IMG_5248

The texture once they are cooked is sort of amazing.  It looks like a pancake.  Feels like a pancake.  When you bite into it- it’s more soft- almost like biting into warm ricotta… which I suppose it basically is.  IMG_5251

A lot of wet ingredients- not much dry.  I was surprised at how pink the batter was- and a little worried- but when cooked, it loses it’s pepto glow.

For a discerning audience I would make these again.  They felt somehow special.  I wish I had a photo of the end result to show you.  I was too busy eating to be bothered.  Next time.

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