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Go Go Gyoza

There are few things I love more than Asian Dumplings.  I actually have a cookbook called Asian Dumplings that I love that is devoted to nothing but them.  One thing I have learned though is they are more fun to make … Continue reading

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Peas and Carrots

(Sayaendo no Itame & Ninjin no Kinpira) When looking for a side for the Teriyaki Burgers, don’t want anything too crazy.  These are an easy, tasty way to get some veggies. Snow Peas with Salt?  Really- that’s it.  Nothing flashy- … Continue reading

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Teriyaki Burgers

Teriyaki Hambagu Yesterday, we made the teriyaki burgers… but we called them “pork patties” as to not confuse those who believe that a burger must come with a bun. Starts with making the teriyaki sauce.  MMM… This stuff is tasty … Continue reading

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New Seattle Japanese Gastro-Pub… Field Trip?

I propose this as a field trip.  Who’s with me?   from Seattle Met Nosh-Pit Blog   Coming Soon Former Chez Shea Chef Plans “Japanese Gastropub” in Wallingford   Miyabi 45th will serve Mutsuko Soma’s amazing soba noodles. Published Oct … Continue reading

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A Successful Trio

The good news is that I made a delicious meal involving three of the recipes that were in Japanese Farm Food. The bad news is that my camera didn’t have a memory card in it while I was doing it- … Continue reading

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Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon Stir-Fried with Egg and Red Pepper Goya Champuru I was looking for a vegetable to serve with my fried rice, and saw these at Uwajimaya.     Bitter Melon?  Never tried it.  Since I knew I would like … Continue reading

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Fried Rice with Corn and Peppers

Tomorokoshi to Piman no Chahan I figure, when trying a new cookbook, I might as well start by making something that you pretty much know is going to be tasty. Fried rice of any sort I’m OK with, but corn … Continue reading

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First Lessons

With my first recipes selected and ingredient list in hand it’s time to go to one of my favorite grocery stores in Seattle. It is walking into a different world.  I feel like a kid again.  So many things that … Continue reading

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The Challenge Begins!

  Is there anything better than coming home and finding a little present on your doorstep?       I am already excited to start thumbing through and marking pages to try.  Japanese it a bit outside my wheelhouse.  I … Continue reading

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