Teriyaki Burgers

Teriyaki Hambagu

Yesterday, we made the teriyaki burgers… but we called them “pork patties” as to not confuse those who believe that a burger must come with a bun.

Starts with making the teriyaki sauce.  MMM… This stuff is tasty and just three ingredients- Mirin, Soy Sauce, and Ginger, reduced by half.  Cool and done.  It turns out pretty thick and delicious.



I had made these bread crumbs the day before, so we were good to go on that end too.         


So these are made with ground pork, bread crumbs, onion, and an egg- sort of what you would do if you were making meatballs or meat loaf.  All combined together.  Then add the Teriyaki Sauce.



Mix this together lightly and form patties.  The patties cook for about 13 minutes (according to recipe- ours took closer to 17) I don’t mess with pork.



And they are done!  Serve with rice (and may be some more teriyaki on the side… it’s quite good)


This is a quick and easy recipe to try that doesn’t involve a trip to a specialty grocer.  I enjoyed it with the rice, but I think that it could also be quite tasty on a bun.  May be a slider on a King’s Hawaiian roll?  I’m just brainstorming here…

This is a good one though.  Everyone enjoyed it.  Did I mention how good the Teriyaki sauce was?  First time I’ve ever made that before.  I’ll do that again.  No more store bought when this is so easy and delicious.

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