Peas and Carrots

(Sayaendo no Itame & Ninjin no Kinpira)

When looking for a side for the Teriyaki Burgers, don’t want anything too crazy.  These are an easy, tasty way to get some veggies.

Snow Peas with Salt?  Really- that’s it.  Nothing flashy- also nothing to write home about.  You can imagine what these taste like…Um… Snow Peas… with salt.  I will say the peppers added a little heat. May be a bit too much a sensitive pallet.


Carrot Slivers in Soy Sauce I have made before.  It was crowd pleasing the first time, so I figure why mess with success.  We had them on hand- whip up some carrots.  I will say that my mandolin was sort of a mess in the kitchen.  We had carrot slivers everywhere.


Good Stuff right?


The point is, both the peas and the carrots were easy to make right at the end of the meal while we were resting the burgers.

And they looked colorful on the plate.  Both were tasty in a clean veggie sort of way.

Plus, who does’t like to eat carrots with chop sticks?

My toughest critic was pleased.  That pleases me.  I’d make these again- but I’m not sure that the peas really count as a recipe.  (Not to be a nay-sayer)


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  1. These are great, Kelli. Keep those pictures of your mom coming. It is great to see her in an apron.

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