Go Go Gyoza

There are few things I love more than Asian Dumplings.  I actually have a cookbook called Asian Dumplings that I love that is devoted to nothing but them.  One thing I have learned though is they are more fun to make when you have a little help from your friends.

Had some ladies over the other night- perfect time to try the Gyoza.

I made the dough in advance- just flour and water- easy-peasy.



This rests while making the filling-  pork, ginger, soy, sake, and cabbage-


Usher in your help and token sous chef-


Put everyone to work-

roll out dough into small circles


Put some filling in the middle


And close up tight!  (Note that gyoza taste equally delicious whether or not you get the technique down… ahem- see below)


When they are all done, you can start batch boiling.


When they are all cooked, pop them on a plate and serve with the delicious dipping sauce.



They are REALLY good.  I recommend this one whole heartedly.   I might even try pan frying them next time around.  YUM.

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1 Response to Go Go Gyoza

  1. Kathy says:

    I’m going to try those tonight. Do you think I can freeze the un-cooked ones? and cook them later?

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