A Successful Trio

The good news is that I made a delicious meal involving three of the recipes that were in Japanese Farm Food.

The bad news is that my camera didn’t have a memory card in it while I was doing it- so I have no photos so show for my efforts.  I thought I would share anyway because everything was really tasty and not too tricky.

1.  Salt massaged cucumber with miso and sesame.

My first venture with Miso.  It was tasty and easy.  The variation involved ginger- I’ll make that next time because I can’t get enough ginger.  I DID get japanese cucumbers because they were available at uwajimaya, but I think you could sub english cucumbers.  The rounds would be quite a bit larger, but so would your wallet.

2.  Carrot slivers stir-fried with soy sauce

What could be wrong with this?  Nothing.  The only annoyance would be if you don’t have a mandolin with a julienned setting.  I don’t particularly like mine- but it’s a life saver for this.  I will DEFINITELY make this again- I’ll post when I have photos.

3.  Teriyaki Chicken

This was Mark’s favorite food in college.  It might still be his favorite food.  It was a challenge to try to replicate.  This recipe is easy and pretty close to what we would order from Tokyo Garden about three times a week.  It calls for skin on boneless chicken thighs.  If anyone knows where to get this, please let me know.  Skinless boneless, no problem.  Skin on with bone, no problem.  Can’t do skin on with no bone.  We just cut around the bone and called it good.  I think it could be done on a grill skinless.  I did it in the cast iron like the recipe said.  Tasty.

Obviously, these were accompanied by rice.

One more thing I’ve noticed about this book- not western sized portions.  I feel like I’m always trying to make half of what regular recipes says- this book I eat about twice as much.  MMM… May be I should change that.


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