Fried Rice with Corn and Peppers

Tomorokoshi to Piman no Chahan

I figure, when trying a new cookbook, I might as well start by making something that you pretty much know is going to be tasty.

Fried rice of any sort I’m OK with, but corn and peppers?  Sign me up.

First step in making fried rice?  Making rice.

I’m being diligent about washing my rice.


While the rice was cooking, prep the veg.  Dice up some onion, red pepper, take corn off the cob, mince some garlic and ginger… so far so good… a little messy.

The veggies get stir fried in batches- and everything comes together pretty quickly.

Top with some shiso and scallion and eat up!

I was super pleased with this first dish.  It was easy, tasty, not greasy, loved it.  Aside from shiso, there wasn’t anything outside my normal grocery store.

Making fried rice in the future, I think that I will use this recipe for the onion, ginger and garlic and really you could put any other veggies in there you wanted.  The vegetable to rice ratio was perfect.

I will definitely make this again.  I think you could also use (gasp) left over rice if you had some extra from another dish.

Anyone looking into a soft lob into Japanese cooking- this will whet your appetite.

From Japanese Farm Food

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