Everyday Margarita Pizza

I can’t turn down Pizza.   I would love to be that person who makes pizza at home that is honestly better than anything I can get elsewhere.  (including Serious Pie) Seriously.

Actually, Pizza is the first thing that Devon and I ever tried to cook together about a million years ago.  We smoked out her condo (for anyone who was there to remember) and our sauce was REAL salty.

Since then, I have learned that Pizza is one of the trickiest easy dishes I attempt to make.  That doesn’t stop me from trying new approaches.

For the Sauce, I took the last of the tomatoes in the garden and whirled them in the food processor with some garlic and salt.  The color is really pink- which was sort of weird- but we rolled with it.


What makes this sauce different than any other that I’ve made is that it isn’t cooked in advance.  Typically, I make sauce on the stove and then add it to the crust.  She says that it tastes more fresh this way.  Lets see!


We had some salami in the fridge, so I did half and half.  Seemed reasonable.


After it comes out of the oven (after only seven minutes) sprinkle some basil on top and enjoy!


I have a few notes on this.

1.  I tried both doughs so I could taste test them.  Leisurely dough was much better.

2.  Both doughs were much easier to work with than the last few I’ve tried because it was so dry by comparison to the more wettish doughs I’ve been using.

3.  Neither dough made me sing with glee at the deliciousness.  But both were perfectly adequate.

4.  The Sauce was really good.  But I feel like I need to taste test IT against my regular sauce.  It DID taste fresh- but I’m not sure if that was because of the cooking method or the tomatoes I used.  It was really easy though.

Moral of the story is- further pizza investigation needed.   Twist my arm.

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