Salted Browned Butter Crispy Treats

Are you looking for the best rice crispy treat you will ever make (without cheating by adding chocolate on top or butterscotch chips)  Look no further!

I’m not sure why I don’t use browned butter for every recipe.  Genius.  IMG_4100

Add your sea salt….


My sous chef only wants to help now if it involves sugar.   We used big marshmallows because that’s what we had.  IMG_4102

They took a little more time to melt down-


But we got there eventually…IMG_4105

I decided that these should go tailgating so I didn’t eat them all- so I decided to make them purple.  (Go Huskies!)


At this point you can add your crispies and mix up.



My purple looks much more grey now that the crispies are in there.  Nothing like a grey dessert to get the mouth watering.  Mason was impressed that it was nearly Halloween and we picked a dessert that looks a lot like spider webs.  Fitting.  IMG_4111


At this point, you can press into your buttered pan and let cool to room temp.  Warning.  Immediately remove from your home.  IMMEDIATELY.  Or risk doing what happened to me- eating slivers and slivers until it is all gone.

Mason enjoyed the spoon- and I think he may have also had one square inch of the finished product before I ate it all.  So much for tailgating.  (Notice I don’t even have a picture of the end result)IMG_4119

This recipe is a keeper.  Even Mark asked, “Why are these so good?” I’m pretty sure it’s because they are grey.

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  1. carolheigh says:

    will have to make this one

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