Piedmontese Hazelnut Cake



I love hazelnuts, so clearly, we needed to make this hazelnut cake.

Last time I toasted hazelnuts, the papery shell didn’t come off- apparently I didn’t do it long enough, because this time, it was no problem rolling them between two towels and it came right off.  Low and slow.  Remember that.



This recipe calls for a lot of hazelnuts all chopped finely in a food processor.




They get added to other pretty basic cake ingredients.  The only thing I didn’t have was semolina flour- which I had used previously, so I’m not sure where that went in my pantry…




Pour everything into a prepared cake pan and bake!



It smells wonderful in the oven.  but doesn’t look particularly spectacular uncut on a plate.




However, sprinkled with powdered sugar and served with some fruit- looks pretty again.




It was pretty delicious.  I also tried it for breakfast a couple mornings and not surprisingly, that was tasty too.  Not too sweet- fantastic nutty hazelnut flavor- This is the sort of dessert that I really enjoy- something that’s the perfect end to a meal without feeling like you are going to convulse from the sugar bomb.


I’ll make this again.




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2 Responses to Piedmontese Hazelnut Cake

  1. carolheigh says:

    phone call at 6:00 this morning that we missed. sure that you left the candles burning in craft room and the house was gone. However, didn’t want to call and wake you just in case it wasn’t you.

  2. carolheigh says:

    what is the name of the cheese sandwich we made from Dahlia B book?

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