Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Broccoli Rabe and Fontina

Somehow this post got lost- but better late than never… this was the amazing sandwich that we made to go with the Tomato Soup

If we have met before, you know I have an affinity for cheese- and particularly grilled cheese.  I have done posts here  and here.

I feel like I have a little authority on the issue- and I wasn’t sure anything could beat a potato chip laden sandwich- but we might have found an unexpected gem.

First gather your troops to help.  Cousin Geri was tasked with making these while I just run around and take photos.


The Broccoli Rabe gets chopped and sautéed with onion, some pepper flakes and garlic.  The oil is hot, so stand back- it really does pop!


These greens are finished off with some balsamic vinegar and sandwiched with some grated fontina cheese.


These are buttered and grilled- look at these beasts.


Look at them again- seriously.  Have you ever seen such grilled perfection?


How about from this angle?


This was one delicious sandwich.  The cheese was super melty.  The greens inside made me feel like I was getting some nutrition.  It was amazing.  I might be a convert.

As a matter of fact- it has inspired this Haiku.

Soup and a sandwich

Hearty, healthy, warms my soul.

Hugs from God indeed

From the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook

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