Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Is there anything better than a grilled cheese sandwich? Well there is nothing better than a  Thomas Keller grilled cheese.  Recently I have tried three of his recipes and my favorite  is the one I am eating at the time.  It doesn’t hurt that he starts with thick slices of Brioche.  I really need to learn to make this since it is rather expensive to buy.  I joke about my $10.oo grilled cheese being worth every penny.   The most recent sandwich is found in Thomas Keller Bouchon  and the sandwich is topped with a fried egg and mornay sauce.  

What better side for a grilled cheese than a large order of homemade fries?  The secret to the fries is to double fry them.  The recipe 1/4 inch fries but next next time I would make them a bit larger. 








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3 Responses to Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

  1. fefethompson says:

    This looks amazing. Anything with brioche….

  2. sani panini says:

    Great pics!

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