Chocolate Butter Pecan Sandwich Cookies

So, the recipe points out that these are more work than your average cookie- however- it may be one of the best cookies I have ever eaten-

In a nutshell…

Make a delicious chocolate cookie that has small chunks of pecans in them.


Next, sandwich two cookies with a BROWN BUTTER PECAN FILLING… tastes better than it sounds- and it sounds wonderful.  Seriously.  I could happily die while drowning in a vat of this filling.  

Try not to eat too many- and put them on a festive tray for a holiday party.


The only trouble that I ran into were the extras- they didn’t store well- so I think they need to be kept flat- they all broke apart which only makes it more challenging to tell how many I snacked on during the day.

I decided to break these up and put them in some vanilla ice-cream because the holidays aren’t chubby enough…

Make these- you won’t be disappointed.  Well worth the effort.

From the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook.

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