Serious Biscuits




Time to make some Serious Biscuits.  I halved the recipe because I knew I would probably eat them all myself… but who can resist a fluffy biscuit?



This recipe was great- and came together really quickly.  Actually, they were ready to go in the oven before it was even preheated.



You’ll notice in the photo below, the melted butter that’s on top- yum.  IMG_2535


Too bad the melted butter flowed into the bottom of my oven.  The amount of smoke in this photo does not do justice to the billow that came out when I opened the oven initially.



Positive note- they look gorgeous.  The texture is amazing.  Too bad they taste awful from so much smoke.  Wha-wha.



I thought I could mask it with a little honey and mason wouldn’t notice.   No such luck.  The only part of breakfast he ate were the apple slices.



Better luck next time.  I’ll make these again- after I clean my oven.


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