Hot Buttered Rum Apple Pie

The timing for this book could not be more perfect for me.  I’m already scheduled to bring desserts to four different places this week, and I have a brunch as well.  I’m not going to have any problem finding delicious things to make.  First up, hot buttered rum apple pie.
Historically, I don’t fancy myself a pie maker- or even a baker for that matter, so when my crust dough came out of the bowl looking like this- I wasn’t real convinced that I was going to be successful.  But no matter, shape into a disc and refrigerate.  Fingers Crossed.
Now apples, I can manage- just peeled and cooked with sugar.
IMG_2520 IMG_2523
Two plus hours and a change of venue later, time to try the dough.  It was really cold and hard to roll, but after a few minutes it seemed to be coming together OK.
PS- my Dad had this handy pastry board that has the circle size on there already so no guessing on how big to roll the dough- pretty nice.
The apples that are now room temperature are mixed with some brown sugar, dark rum, and spices.  Tom also uses pectin to set up the center of the pie, which I’ve never done before- but I had some in my pantry, so I gave it a go.
Crust on topIMG_2530
Misc. embellishments from the leftover dough just to be festive- and into the oven.IMG_2532
Two and a half hour later- it came out like this:
Pretty lovely.  If you look carefully at the top edge of this pie, you’ll notice the star crust is gone.  We were in the house with twelve people and no one confessed eating it- but I know someone snacked…
Who can blame them?  The crust was as one person put it, “heavenly” and I would agree.  Ever so flaky and tender- and the innards were equally delicious.  I was worried it would taste too rummy- but not the case.
My only complaint was my inability to cut it and have it look presentable on a plate- but I suppose under a scoop of ice-cream no one cares about that anyway.
Two thumbs up.
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