English Muffins

Now, I recognize that it is very easy to go to the store to buy English Muffins- but as home baked bread tastes like a completely different product than what you buy at the grocery store- I thought I would give these a whirl.

First of all, they aren’t easy- there is a lot of variables- the dough has to be at a certain temperature- the water at a certain temperature- there are lots of steps- they take time.

Once the first steps are done, and the rising time is over, and the folding etc etc etc, you end up with a bubbly sticky mass like this:



Shaping this into twelve muffins must take a lot of practice because mine were of varying sizes and shapes- but it seemed to work.



After they are baked, they come out looking like this:



Mine were much more flat and less lovely than the ones in the book- a little tricky to slice, but inside….




These freeze really well and are really delicious.  Unless you have a special occasion or a real love of baking, I’m not sure it’s worth the effort- but they are better than what I buy at the store.  The texture is perfect.

I’ll make these again when I’m feeling fancy.




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