Green Eggs and Ham Bennedict

Now that I have english muffins- what to do with them?  They taste delicious with a little butter and jam- but we might as well go the whole nine yards and make eggs benedict- right?  I feel like I really owe it to myself.


The green tinge to the sauce comes from the green onions that get whirled with the egg for the hollandaise sauce.


And if you are wondering why the Hollandaise is so good- it might have something to do with the quarter cup of butter – PER PERSON that gets added.

I don’t have any photos- but the poached eggs for this were great- and the easiest ever to make.  No vigorous water swirling, no crazy timer, I did four at a time- it was great.

A little ham, a little arugula, poached egg, clogged artery, and hollandaise later…


Certainly not a health food- and not something for the faint of heart (literally) but they were amazing if I do say so myself.  Each of us at the table ate every last bite.

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