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Apple Fritters

I made these the other day- REALLY easy.  Quite delicious. Start with some peeled, cored, apple rings- and dip them in your batter- Pop in your Fryer for a few minutes. Roll in some cinnamon and sugar… Enjoy with some … Continue reading

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Orecchiette with Sausage and Collards

This is what I have missed. A couple pots on the stove.  A mixer working hard- and anticipation of something delicious. I’m a sucker for any sort of pasta dish- so I knew I had to try the orecchiette. I … Continue reading

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We’re Baaack!

It has been a LONG time since we had a meeting.  Seattle summer got the better of us and now we are back in the kitchens and hard at work.  Or at least back in the kitchens. Never missing an … Continue reading

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Tomato Tart

Just picked the last of my tomatoes yesterday- perfect time to try the tart I had been eyeing in Canal House. SUPER easy.  SUPER delicious. I made the dough from scratch.  Mark said, “what is this?!?  It tastes like a … Continue reading

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Meatball Madness

Hi There!   We decided that we were going to take the summer off- and I have been out of the kitchen for what seems like several months. It seems like fall is right around the corner though and it’s … Continue reading

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I made this for breakfast over the weekend.  Again- surprising how such few ingredients and easy preparation can make such a satisfying meal. Cook potato and onion for about five minutes- until potatoes are just cooked through.   Add some … Continue reading

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Open Faced Egg Sandwich

I have been eating a lot of the spinach chop.  I think I have officially O.D.’d.  Time to move on to another egg sandwich… This one is even more easy.  Just chopped hard boiled eggs and a nice combo of … Continue reading

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Melissa has been raving about this popcorn since we first started this book.  We are not a huge popcorn house- but since I was making popcorn for carnival cookies anyway, I figured I should see what all the fuss was about. … Continue reading

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Rye Soda Bread

Still making a lot of soup- and in honor of St. Patricks Day- I decided to try the Soda Bread as well. Randie had commented that it was easy to make- and it sure was.  Came together in a jiffy. … Continue reading

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Carnival Cookie

Mason wanted to make cookies the other day- so I obliged with the understanding that it would be out of Super Natural Every Day. Carnival cookie.  It has an odd mix of ingredients.  Banana, chocolate chips, peanuts, popcorn… essentially everything … Continue reading

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