I made this for breakfast over the weekend.  Again- surprising how such few ingredients and easy preparation can make such a satisfying meal.

Cook potato and onion for about five minutes- until potatoes are just cooked through.  IMG_4492

Add some  vegetable (we had broccoli) and cook another couple minutes.  IMG_4493

Add eggs and cook for about five minutes covered.  IMG_4495

Pop some feta on there and place under broiler until it is set up.  IMG_4496

It took a relatively short period of time.  I loved the feta.  Mark and I ate every bite even though we halved the recipe so it should have fed four.  IMG_4497


I would make this again.  Great use for extra veggies.  Yum.

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  1. raryno says:

    Yum. Really enjoying your photos and reviews! See ya Sunday

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