Rye Soda Bread

Still making a lot of soup- and in honor of St. Patricks Day- I decided to try the Soda Bread as well.

Randie had commented that it was easy to make- and it sure was.  Came together in a jiffy.   IMG_4505


It goes in the oven and comes out lovely!

IMG_4506 IMG_4507


Now, I wasn’t sure on first bite if I liked it.  No surprise since sometimes I have an aversion to rye bread.  But I slathered some butter on there and found it quite tasty.

I also made the Cauliflower soup again and included some beet chips on top for color.



A little bread dippity-do!IMG_4512


Now we are talking.

It was a really good.  (Thanks Randie for the suggestion)

It was a nice hearty bread that was easy to make.  Probably won’t be making it all the time since I’m not sure rye is super versatile with what I typically eat- but I will stash it away for a later date.



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