Carnival Cookie

Mason wanted to make cookies the other day- so I obliged with the understanding that it would be out of Super Natural Every Day.

Carnival cookie.  It has an odd mix of ingredients.  Banana, chocolate chips, peanuts, popcorn… essentially everything you find at a carnival… minus sugar- which isn’t included.

I used frozen bananas that I always have on hand due to always buying too many at Costco.  Lost my masher, so Mason used a pastry blender to combine the banana mush with the rest of the wet ingredients.  (just coconut oil and vanilla)



The bulk of the cookie is oatmeal and almond meal.  Mix that up- IMG_4481


And add your wet ingredients.  This is where I should have taken over and had Mason leave the room.  Due to this happening- mason said the cookies looked slimy and he didn’t want to eat them.IMG_4482


As you can see- they bake up quite nicely.  IMG_4486


Slimy?  I think not.  IMG_4488


At any rate- Mason refused to try them.  Mark wouldn’t either due to his aversion to bananas.  I ate one and found it tasty if not delectable.  Next day the popcorn was soggy and I tossed the lot.

Moral of the story… if you are going to make a cookie.  Make a COOKIE.

And don’t put a five year old in charge of mashing bananas.

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