Harissa Ravioli

with broccoli, nuts, and feta

I think this was the first recipe I saw in the book that I knew I wanted to try- and it took me a while to get there.  Worth the wait.

Good things.

1.  Pasta and broccoli cook in two minutes… in the same pot.  WHAT?  No annoying separate pot action?  that’s right.




2.  Love Harissa.  Just enough spice.  Good flavor.  combined with some lemon juice?  Tasty.  IMG_4446


3.  It was delicious.  I like a combo of vegetables and pasta- and the toasted pumpkin seeds and feta pushed it over the top.IMG_4453

Best part?  From the time the water boiled on the stove, I think it was four minutes until it was on the table.  Maximum.

Next time?  I will add more broccoli.  That’s about it.  May be use a spinach ravioli or tortellini just for aesthetics- but that’s about it.

Will make this again.


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