Spinach Chop

The first time I read this recipe,  I gave it a big pass.  Certainly didn’t seem like something I would enjoy snacking on.  I gave it a re-visit- and I was glad I did.  I was particularly drawn to the fact that Heidi says that she likes to have it on hand- that to me means it stores OK.

The dish comes together easy enough.  Especially if you have some hard boiled eggs on hand.  I love any dish that I can’t prep fast enough for the cooking.  That’s how this was.

Eggs, almonds and spinach make up the bulk of this dish.  Harissa gives it a kick.  IMG_4436


I made the full recipe and then portioned it out to store in the fridge for easier “snacking” over the next few days.




I threw mine in a pita.  Yum.  Now- granted- it’s not a BLT- but it IS hearty and I felt like I was being kind to my body by eating it.  The Harissa was key- otherwise I would have felt like I was just eating a spinach and egg sandwich… which would have been sad.  IMG_4442


As it was- I really enjoyed it!  Another surprise.  This book never stops pleasantly surprising me.

Recipe can be found here.

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