Farro Soup

with Curry Powder, Lentils, Salted Lemon Yogurt

This is another one that I have eaten a few times (due to frozen leftovers) and I have already purchased ingredients to make it again.

Nothing too shocking here.  Saute some onions and some diced sweet potato.  Add the spices, farro, and lentils.  Let this mix cook for about 50 minutes.



The Lemon Yogurt is just plain greek yogurt with some salt and lemon zest and juice.  I really liked the accompaniment, but when I ate the leftovers, I didn’t have any yogurt on hand and I enjoyed it just as much.  IMG_4415


Each spoonful is flavorful and satisfying.  This is a great winter / fall soup because it is so think and rich.  IMG_4417


I also found that it did indeed freeze quite nicely.  The recipe says that it serves eight.  For our family, it served five without any side dishes.  No matter.  Still healthy and tasty. Will definitely make this again.  Probably this week.



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