I feel like I have done you all a disservice by not posting this sooner.  Truth be told, I’ve already made this about five times.  I can’t get enough of them.

  • They travel well so I can lug it around in my pocket or purse- (I do mean lug because they are heavy and dense)
  • They are really filling.  The first time I made them Mark could only eat a half of one.
  • They are tasty tasty.  Not too dry, not too sweet…

Couldn’t be easier.  Basically, mix up your oats, wheat flour, flax seeds, walnuts…and pour in some boiled maple syrup, butter, coconut oil and sugar.  (yes- sugar)



Stir it all up and add a couple eggs.  IMG_4408


Spoon into your muffin pans, bake,  and enjoy.IMG_4410


Now, these are in the dessert section.  I am not the sort of person that has this for “dessert.”  My cousin said, “I could see how it would be a dessert if you put a scoop of ice-cream on it with caramel sauce.”  My thoughts exactly.  BUT for breakfast or lunch with some fruit?  I have been looking forward to it every day!  (and I do mean every day because when I run out, I make more)

Try it!  I don’t think you will be disappointed.

I found the recipe online here.

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  1. raryno says:

    Thx. I love oatcakes. Buttery ones. These are probably far healthier. I think I would like them in a muffin top pan

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