Brownie Roll-out Cookies



I saw these brownie cookies in the book and thought they would be a good option for an ice cream sandwich… my original intent.  Easy to make with all basic ingredients.



The only thing is – the dough must be refrigerated for an hour to roll out.  I made the mistake of not reading the recipe all the way through- it says pre-heat the oven at the beginning- no need.IMG_3980


At this point I gave up on doing the same day and by the next day I forgot to take pictures.  It rolls out really easy, can be re-rolled, good dough.  I tried both suggestions- 1/4 inch and 1/8 inch.  I agree that 1/4 inch is better- and that’s what I used for this sandwich…



I ate this delicious “Jessie Pink-Mint Sandwich” while wishing Breaking Bad good-bye.  I think he would have enjoyed it.

The cookie was good on it’s own- but can’t be compared to how it is with ice cream.  The nice thing is it isn’t real fragile, so the sandwiches all came out well.  In the past my cookies break and it’s a mess.

Note- it really does make a lot of cookies.  I halved the recipe and had enough for 14 decent sizes sandwiches- that I will continue to eat…I’m Breaking Bad.

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