Gingerbread Spiced Dutch Baby

I love Dutch Babies.  I always make a super easy version flavored with almond extract, so I thought I should give this more fall / winter one a go.  Plus, I had everything in my kitchen and was hungry.  Seems like a win win to me.

Start by getting out the blender and whirling a couple eggs.



Add your other ingredients- basics, flour, spices, brown sugar, milk.  IMG_3943


A little molasses.  (really little for those of you who don’t like molasses)IMG_3944


Meanwhile your oven is preheating at 400- and you heat up a nine in oven proof skillet on high.  I have an eight inch or a ten inch – of course no nine, so I opted for the ten.  Melt your butter…IMG_3948


Pour your mix in the pan- and pop in the oven for 15 minutes.  IMG_3951


And Done!IMG_3956


Looks a little flat- maybe a sprinkle of powdered sugar will help?IMG_3957


One bite and I knew something was wrong- either that or it will be a long slog with this book- because my dutch baby was dry and cardboard like….

OOPS- forgot the milk.

Now I’m really hungry- and I’ve been smelling this dutch baby cook for 15 minutes- I had my kitchen cleaned- but I dragged everything back out again for a re-do.

This time instead of using a pan, I preheated an oven-proof plate in the oven with the butter on it.  IMG_3968


I poured the batter directly on the plate.  That’s what I did with I usually make them-  The plate is obviously hot out of the oven so not kid friendly, but for adults, you can pop another plate underneath and take it directly to the table.  Keeps it nice and warm too. IMG_3969


Round two- DING DING DING.  Came out nice and puffy.  Much better.  IMG_3971


Still can be jazzed up with some powdered sugar…IMG_3972


Look at the difference.  Might not be quite as obvious as the taste test- but I’m sure glad that I went back and re-made them.  IMG_3974


A little syrup for me…IMG_3975


And breakfast is served.  IMG_3976



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