Apricot Breakfast Crisp

Who doesn’t love a crisp?

Actually, I can’t believe I’ve never eaten a crisp for breakfast before.  It makes me feel like I’ve been missing out on a truly enjoyable experience for the last 36 years.    No time like the present.

Just tear up a couple stone fruits- I actually used one peach and one apricot because that’s what I had.  IMG_3984

Mix with some sugar, flour, and a pinch of nutmeg.  IMG_3992

In a pan, you make your crumble… with melted butter… yes please.  IMG_3997


The crumble gets popped on top, and then the whole thing is baked for a half hour.  IMG_4001


I ate mine with some super indulgent Honey Greek Yogurt.  IMG_4007

Then I went back for seconds.


She said that she eats this recipe for a week.  I can see how you could with any restraint.  This will only last me three days… tops…

The best part is the fruit to crumble ratio.  For me, crisps never have enough crisp- this is just right… will definitely make again.  May be I’ll try apples next time since peach season seems to be behind us.

I should mention that I think this would work equally well with ice cream for dessert… or frozen yogurt.  May be I’ll try that tonight.


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1 Response to Apricot Breakfast Crisp

  1. carol heigh says:

    I will definitely make this.

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