Crushed Blackberry Sundae

With Toasted Pecans and Caramel Sauce

For anyone who has yet to thumb through the dessert section of this book- I suggest it.  Full of mostly simple desserts that seem perfect for summer nights.  Now that I have some legitimate grilling under my belt, I think I should probably treat myself with a Sundae.

I’ve made my own caramel a few times now and I’m getting better at it.  I should know not to take pictures too close to the optimal caramel point though- this was on the edge- almost too done.  IMG_3752

I should also know to use a bigger pot than you think you are going to need when you add the cream.  IMG_3757

It really bubbles up- and the last thing anyone wants is this all over their range- or their floor- ore their bare summer foot….IMG_3755

Disaster averted.  Stir- add butter- everything is better with butter- even caramel.  IMG_3761

Put in a handy jar for later use.  IMG_3762

I should also note that the blackberries are sitting in a bit of sugar- just waiting to be united.

Scoop some delicious ice cream in bowls.  (If it was Thomas Keller you would have made your own- I sort of appreciate the easy way out.)  Pour your caramel on top.  IMG_3773

Follow up with the Blackberries.  IMG_3775

And toasted Pecans.  IMG_3777

Huge hit.

You will notice I did skip the whipped cream- I wasn’t feeling quite so indulgent- still really good.  I’ve actually been eating it for three days.  oops.

Who knew?  Blackberries and Caramel?  Never had that combination before- I’m sure I will again… probably tomorrow.

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