BBQ Brisket

Last summer our family got a smoker- and though it is not something that we use every day- or even once a week- there are certain times that there is nothing better than  tending a huge slab of meat for hours.  Call me weird- most people do.

I saw the Barbecued Brisket Sandwich on Texas Toast recipe and knew I had to attempt it.  I’d never made a brisket before- so I was pretty excited.

First, I made the mop- simmered onion, garlic and serrano chiles, cider vinegar, brown sugar…IMG_3745

AND six bottles of dark beer.  (incidentally, this was a great use for my over purchase of guinness for our St Patricks Day party)IMG_3747

This just simmers for about 15 minutes and then cools and is ready to go.  I made this a couple days in advance.

The day you are indulging in this meaty treat, prep your grill.  Expect neighbors to poke their noses over fences and casually mention that they don’t have dinner plans.  IMG_3763 IMG_3764

Here is my Brisket all spiced up right when it went on the grill… IMG_3766

This gets mopped every half hour during cooking time.

Five hours later…IMG_3767

OOOH Yeah.  IMG_3768

In my typical form I was too excited to eat to be bothered taking pictures of the texas toast or the finished sandwich for that matter.


1.  It was delicious.

2.  It wasn’t as tender as I expected.  I am not sure if I didn’t cook it long enough- but my instant read thermometer was spot on- so I’m not sure what I did.  Apparently I will have to try again.

3.  Texas Toast.  Yes please.

4.  I only used 1/2 the mop.

5.  Can anyone say leftovers?

I’d make this again on another day I feel like busting out the smoker.  It was good.  The left overs were great.  Most of the ingredients were Pantry items which I appreciated.  Thanks Bobby.

From Boy Gets Grill

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