Tandoori Chicken Skewer

My first attempt at grilling in a while… need something not too intimidating.  Can a person screw up a skewer?  I’m hoping that I can’t screw it up too bad…

This is out of the Big Party Section- and though I would love to have the opportunity to have a big party and try all of these skewers together- not going to happen.  I’m going to go with the tandoori chicken.  Sounds easy and delicious.

Most important part- the marinade.  I like that this is done early in the day.  Frees up my mind around dinner time when all I want to do is eat.

First- mortgage your house and buy some saffron.


Steep a bit in water and put the rest in a safety deposit box.


Most of the marinade is pantry items- assuming you’re well stocked at this point in your cooking career.


Lime, onion, spices, garlic, ginger-


This gets mixed with some yogurt and the cut up chicken marinates away.  At least four hours.

It then gets skewered.


And put on the grill…


And flipped… so far so good…


And they are done!  I served these with some of my old stand bys from Raising the Salad Bar.


Easy and Tasty.  Would make again- and a good intro to the grill- for those of us who tend to cook indoors.

From Boy Gets Grill.

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