Curried Wheat Berry Salad

My first foray into Raising the Salad Bar– I wasn’t sure where to start- lots of good looking things.  I decided to try something I have never used before- the wheat berry.

Wheat berries cook for about an hour and a half- so plan accordingly, but once they are cooked, this salad comes together in a snap- and could be made earlier in the day (or earlier I suspect) and keep quite well.  IMG_3601

Wheat berries, raisins, scallion and celery all combine in a bowl.


Dressing is just lime, curry, olive oil, and salt.


It goes on top and get mixed together.

On the plate sprinkle with pistachios or toasted sliced almonds- which is what I used because we had them on hand.    You can also throw some unsweetened coconut on- but we didn’t have that so I didn’t bother.


Now I will be the first to admit that this is not a beautiful salad.  I told Mark it looks like a potluck salad I would be avoiding- but let me tell you- it was delicious.


So simple and satisfying.  The wheat berries add a nice chew and the almonds a crunch.  I wish I had doubled this recipe- at least.  I could have had it for lunch for days.

Next time.


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