Triple Coconut Cream Pie

It’s the big daddy… what people line up for at the Dahlia Bakery… time to go for the gusto.

I lost some of the photos- so we’re bare bones here- but here is layer number one:  Bake the coconut shell covered in whatever beans you have in your pantry…




The second layer of Coconut is the filling- oy!  delicious!  Thick, rich, fabulous… it cools first in the fridge and then is added to the crust.  That is somewhere under all of this whipped cream…




My piping… not so great.  I think I need a larger star-tip if I’m going to make it look more professional- but the taste was great- so who cares.

Final coconut layer is the top- flakes!  (and some white chocolate shavings)  I wasn’t very successful making gorgeous curls that I pictured.  I think my chocolate block may have been too small- but again, it was delicious.



I got loads of compliments on this from the extended family… and they know their pies.

It was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be.  Worth the effort- and most can be made a day in advance which is also nice.


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