Chocolate Truffle Cookies with Crackly Crust

These cookies looked too good to pass up. I’ve never made cookies like these but they are certainly delicious enough to make again! If you are a novice baker such as myself you may want an extra pair of hands to help you with this recipe the first time you attempt it. The directions talk about how the batter firms up quickly as it sits and they were correct. My husband and I felt like we were racing against the clock to get these into the oven before the dough got any firmer and stickier.  (Please excuse the horrible photos taken with the first ever made iPhone.)

First, mix your dry ingredients. . .flour, cocoa, and baking powder.


Then, combine your butter, sugar, and eggs.


Add in  your melted bittersweet chocolate and vanilla extract.


Fold in your dry ingredients and even more bittersweet chocolate chips.


Quick!  Get your batter on your baking sheets.  Use a damp hand to flatten the mounds.


Bake until cracks appear on top and the cookies are softly set.


Not as pretty as Tom’s but amazing with a nice glass of red wine, or even crumbled over a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

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1 Response to Chocolate Truffle Cookies with Crackly Crust

  1. Kelli says:

    I like anything that can be crumbled on a scoop of ice-cream! I haven’t made these yet! Might have to give it a try…

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