Tom Douglas Day

Wow- I’m behind.

A huge thanks to Devon for hosting a wonderfully gluttonous morning with the Dahlia Bakery Cookbook.



Are you kidding me?

Here’s a brief rundown.

Meredith and I brought Toasted Hazelnut Whole Wheat Scones with Maple Glaze.  Sadly, I don’t have a photo of Meredith’s.  Hers looked completely different from my minis- and I think more successful- but you get the idea.



Carol brought Serious Biscuits with Apple Compote



Devon contributed Carrot Muffins with Brown Butter and Currants



This Banana Chocolate Chunk Walnut Loaf was made by Bev.



Randie made Jackie’s Favorite Strata with Wild Mushrooms, Sausage, and Chard




Ashley brought Roasted Carrot Leek and Goat Cheese Hand Pies.



Kathy made this gorgeous Buttery Layer Cake.





So- aside from harboring a touch of resentment for making us more chubby, everyone loved the recipes in the book.  There were not many ‘fails’ and many that will be made over and over again.

Our only real critique was that the pages in the recipes seemed to be front and back more often than side by side which makes for some annoying page turning with sticky fingers.

I suppose that if those are our biggest concerns, we really have nothing to complain about.


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