Dahlia Granola

There are few things I enjoy as much as granola.  It’s a weakness.  I have it in my house and I take a pinch here, a handful there, pretty soon… it’s gone.  Clearly, I must try this recipe.

Started with toasting hazelnuts…



Weighed out the wet ingredients (less dishes).   A little honey, molasses, brown sugar oil, etc… what could be bad?  Pour that in with the dry… oats, sesame seeds, coconut…



bake it low and slow and revel in how wonderful your home smells.




Add some dried fruit.



Mix it together.



And store!



It makes quite a bit.  We’ve been munching on this for a couple of weeks… with milk, with yogurt, with ice cream, and straight out of the container.    I like the rich color and the flavor- especially the hazelnuts- it’s a bit more sticky than granola I’ve made in the past- sticky might not be the right word- when I’m eating it it doesn’t seem sticky, but it takes a little more effort to get it out of the container.  I suppose that might be a good thing!

We currently have three different kinds of granola in the house (popular neighbor gift this year) this is the family favorite.

I suppose that shouldn’t be a surprise.





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