Buttery Cupcakes with Chocolate Sour Cream Frosting

From KT-

Despite my newly acquired cold, I decided to bring a treat to a friends house for New Years Eve. Who doesn’t like treats on a celebration night? Plus I had some nice chocolate that I got from a lecture at work by Todd Selby of the Edible Selby book. And if you haven’t seen this book it’s quite amazing and it relates to our cooking (and eating) theme. 🙂 So I popped a Dayquil and got to work.

First off, make sure some of the ingredients are room temperature. The cookbook gives some good tips in the front of the book for speeding up this process if you need to do so.


Then mix the ingredients for the cupcake batter. The directions are very specific around speeds and quantities so I tried my best to comply. I could have ate this entire thing solo!! Bake for approx 20 min at 375.


While the cupcakes were cooling, I chopped the chocolate. Another tip at the front of the book is to chop chocolate with a serrated knife. Who knew?


Melt in a double boiler.


Make the frosting by creaming the butter and sugar, mixing in the chocolate, a little vanilla and a little salt.


Finish off by frosting, and then EATING!


Delicious. I think my dark chocolate was a little too bitter – but still delicious. What I’m really glad to find is a white cake recipe that is REALLY GOOD! Most of the time white cake can turn out flavorless and dry. This is far from it.

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