Monkey Bread

When we made the Dahlia Doughnuts, we saved half of the dough for this little project.  A perfectly gluttonous weekend.

Monkey bread uses the same dough as the doughnuts, but it gets frozen- so when we were done with the doughnuts, we just rolled and cut up the rest of the dough and froze it for the next day.


I made the caramel a day in advance too since I was on a bit of a cooking spree.
adhere to the warning about appropriate pan size.  It really does bubble once you add the cream and I almost had a hot mess on my hands (quite literally)
What does any caramel sauce need…. BUTTER.
Next morning…
The only problem with this recipe is it isn’t actually great for breakfast because the morning cook time is about three hours- great for brunch- not great if you want to eat before 10.  I couldn’t sleep knowing this was going to be an issue and got at about 4:30 to mix the frozen pieces with the sour cream, cinnamon mixture.
This mix goes in the tulip papers and rises for about three hours.
Before going in the oven it gets topped with the cinnamon vanilla streusel.  What could be better?
Oh Yeah…
And don’t forget your dipping sauce!!
Timing problems aside, this was really fantastic.  I’m going to try it again and see if I can get the rise time down- that’s sort of a deal breaker for me on an earlier breakfast- but it was amazing.
We couldn’t decide which was better- the doughnuts or the monkey bread.  Good thing we made both.
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2 Responses to Monkey Bread

  1. carolheigh says:

    you are so lucky – you can eat this stuff and call it disease control

  2. Ashley says:

    I agree, Carol! We are all so happy that you are healthy, Kel. . .but, seriously, SO not fair!! 🙂

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