Random TK thoughts

OK, you must allow me the pleasure of a quick Thomas Keller geek-out session.

My enthusiasm for the next couple months will not be squelched or even tempered.  Upon finding out the theme, I sent home and immediately pulled out my copy of Ad Hoc at Home and started flipping through the pages just dreaming of the dishes I was going to create, and lamenting that I only had two months to do as many as possible.

Say what you will about these recipes.  They may not be something you pull together in five minutes.  He may come across as a bit fussy and persnickety in the way he cooks.  If you are using the French Laundry Cookbook you may be thinking what did I get myself into…  but one truth can not be denied.  Any man that loves Garlic this much can not be wrong:

from here

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