Why I Must Adopt

When the theme was picked to be ode to our Grandparents I was a skeptic.  My Grandparents were wonderful people.  I have fond memories on both sides of the family speeding time with my Grandmas and Grandpas, but they were not cooks.

Aside from My Grandma Irene’s Thanksgiving Turkey Gravy, I don’t remember much that was made that was tasty.  I do know that My Grandma Marie served fried potatoes at every meal… yes, three times a day.  I would eat them with ketchup and a bologna sandwich.  May be with some sort of a cheese spread.

What I remember most though (and I’m not sure why) is the constant presence of Weight Watchers.  Not so much the food from Weight Watchers, but the evidence.  The encouraging magnets on the refrigerator, the murmurs of recipes, the haze was there.

Now I’m not saying that my Grandma EVER made any of these- but it completely cracked me up and I thought I should share.

One of my friends sent me this link for Weight Watchers recipe cards circa 1974.  I’ll show you a small sample- and though my Grandparents may not have styled their plates with ceramic cheetahs, it is entire possible that one of these plates made it to our table on a special occasion, and entirely probable that everything I ate in my youth contained dried onion flakes.

oh, frank God.so... confused...did you see it twitch?I really don't understand

ohh!  ohhhh!!!!!mmm, pudding

May be Weight Watchers worked in the 1970’s because the food was so horrid.  The comments on the site are pretty priceless.  Check it out and take a culinary trip back in time.

At any rate, this is my evidence for why I will be adopting a Grandparent to learn from.  May be more than one.  I’m thinking Italian.  I’m thinking Chinese.  I’m not thinking Weight Watchers.  You can thank me later.

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1 Response to Why I Must Adopt

  1. Carol Heigh says:

    This is so funny. I remember mom (Irene) eating the weight watcher pizzas made with English muffins, tomato sauce, and a low fat cheese. This was not a pizza.

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