Grandma Louise’s Oatmeal with Grated Apple

No reason to wait for dinner to start working on Grandma’s Recipes.  This is from When French Women Cook, a Gastronomic Memoir.  Sounds pretty high brow, but really was a quite delicious basic oatmeal that I will probably make again… and again.

Cast of Characters:


Half cup oatmeal, one cup water and a dash of salt in the pan- bring to a boil.

Add a grated apple and a touch of lemon juice.
Cook for about five minutes, pour in about 1/3 cup milk and a dob of butter.  Cook another minute.  Notice how dangerously close I am to pouring milk all over my stove?  Not easy to pour and take pictures at the same time!
At this point, your oatmeal is done!  I topped mine with some Maple Syrup.  You could do brown sugar also.
OOOHHH YEAH.  Not a bad way to start a day.
ImageTake a bite.  You know you want to.  Recipe can be found here.
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