Mario Dinner

Sunday, some of us got together for a mid-term feast.  Having never done this before- I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I will say- it was delicious…and more importantly FUN.  Will definitely do again.

Everyone signed up for a portion of the dinner and we ate in courses- Gluttonous?  Yes.  But it was a fitting end to Thanksgiving Weekend.


carrot frittelle with feta cheese and prosciutto, goat cheese and green bean rollups-

IMG_5264 IMG_5268

Minestrone Genovese (with a few modifications)- healthy and satisfying.


Sweet Pea Risotto-



Chicken Saltimbocca, Kale Gratin, and Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes.  I wish I had a picture of this plate… I’d lost focus at this point.  For future reference, we all agreed that the potatoes were WAY too salty.  On a fork with gratin and mushrooms- still tasty.



Finally, because we hadn’t consumed enough- lets finish off the evening with the Honey Walnut Cake- just the right amount of citrus.  Yum.


For everyone that came- thanks!  it was fun.  For those who were unable to make it- we will do it again- AND I for one really encourage group cooking.  Food is better when shared.  🙂

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1 Response to Mario Dinner

  1. meeganders says:

    You are a fabulous host. Thank you for having us.

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