Bran Muffins

I’ve got a keeper!

These are really tasty- at least they are fresh out of the oven… as I sampled them.

I had a bit of a surprise on this too- because I accidentally left out an ingredient that seemed like it would be important- (oat bran) and they STILL turned out great.  I didn’t miss it a bit until I sat down to write this post.

I was also putting away the oat bran in my cupboard and wondering, “I wonder why I bought this at the store.”  Go figure.

It calls for either yogurt or buttermilk.  I had yogurt on hand so I used that.  The bran cereal soaks for about five minutes.  IMG_4381


Meanwhile, mix your dry ingredients… (apparently with or without oat bran)  Next time I  will try with…  oops.IMG_4383


Mix together, fill your tins and bake!  Easy as pie.  I tried a few with raisins too.  They were equally tasty.  I appreciated that they ALL came out without sticking to the pan with no liner.  That never happens for me.   IMG_4389


Straight out of the oven with a touch of butter.  IMG_4391


And because I take this seriously, one with apricot jam.  (for research only)IMG_4393


New go-to bran muffin recipe.  Thanks Heidi!


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