Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?



I am WAY behind on posting a recap for our last meeting…

In the briefest way:

– great food

-great discussion

Here’s a round up of what people brought.  (I didn’t take notes so this may not be the official names)

Start with two versions of the asparagus tart.  Delish- both ways.



Apple CakeIMG_4352


Stuffed PeppersIMG_4353


Glazed CarrotsIMG_4354


Pasta ala vodkaIMG_4355


Pine nut cakeIMG_4356




Espresso mousse… (not sure if that is what it is called- but it was my favorite)IMG_4359


I also brought manicotti, and of course that was the one I didn’t get a picture of.  We actually had a surprising well balanced meal- some vegetables, pastas, meats, and dessert.

Thoughts on the book:


Recipes were generally good and satisfying.  (Pretty important for a cookbook)


Format made it difficult to find recipes (by menu / italian names)

Some of the menus had what seemed to be crazy pairings

Ten person portion size wasn’t always easy to cut down

More pictures please!


Now- most people were pleased with the book (despite the disproportionate numbers of dislikes to likes.  How can you go wrong with italian comfort food?

That being said, we are all full full full.  Time to move on to something lighter.

Super Natural Every Day from Heidi Swanson.  Lets lighten our load!  Happy 2014!


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