Almond Date Breakfast Bar

I like to have easy to-go snacks that I can grab when we are in a hurry- or to stow away in a backpack to take to football games.  These Breakfast Bars seemed to fit the bill so I thought I should give them a try.

Very easy to make-

Mix up your dry ingredients (chopped dates, oats, wheatgerm, flour) IMG_4080


Mix up your wet ingredients (almond butter, oil, honey, almond extract)



Add the wet to the dry and mix up.IMG_4084


Press firmly in a 9 x 9 pan.  I like the trick of using saran wrap or plastic gloves to keep it from sticking to your hands.  IMG_4086


It bakes for about 20 minutes and then cools.  It takes longer than you would think to let it cool because if you cut it too early, it crumbles- then you have to eat the crumbles so they don’t go to waste- and pretty soon you’ve eaten about a third of the pan.  IMG_4088


The recipe says that it makes 16 2 x 2 bars- which is true.  but this bar is so tiny tiny I would eat at least three to feel like a normal person- and one more because they are so good and I’m a bit of a glutton.  IMG_4089


This recipe sort of back-fired because I made them hoping Mason would gobble them up. Of course he doesn’t like them.  (even when I called it a breakfast cookie and tried to convince him the dates were chocolate) So now I’m pretty sure that I am going to eat them all.  I stuck them in the freezer so that they MIGHT last me a few days.

Really good.

Will make again.  For myself.  And I will cut them in bigger squares.

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